Refrigerator Buying Guide

Buying a Refrigerator?

Here Are the Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Buying a refrigerator could get confusing, especially with the many new features introduced with newer models. There are essentially five things you’ll have to consider before making a decision – the overall capacity, type, defrosting type, power consumption and additional features. Let’s take a closer look at these features, starting with the overall capacity.

Decide on the Capacity
Choosing the right capacity is the first step in the buying process. Here are the key things to consider:
Space Available
  • Fridges are large and need their space.
  • Add a min of 1” on all sides for ventilation.
  • Have at least 4” on the hinge side for the door to swing open.
  • How are you getting it in? Your doorways, passages etc. should be big enough
Future Requirements
  • Buying a refrigerator purely based on your current needs is not wise.
  • Will your family grow in size? Do you frequently have guests staying over?
  • Consider future capacity requirements. Always a good idea to have some additional space.


What’s your Type?

Feeling creative?

With the side-by-side fridge, you can segregate your food in many ways. For e.g.,

  • Keep the most frequently used items (milk, veggies, etc.) on one side.
  • Store frozen food, beverages and other less frequently needed items on the other side.


Defrosting Type

Direct cool vs Frost free

Are you fine with manually defrosting the freezer? Or, would you prefer an automatic unit? Here’s a quick table to help you make a decision.

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Direct cool
Frost Free
Think About The Freezer

No two refrigerator models are the same

  • Same capacity models aren’t always configured to give the same space across sections.
  • Some models offer higher freezer capacity but cut down on vegetable storage. Similarly, even vegetable storage capacity can vary across same capacity models.

It’s extremely important to get one that has the optimal capacity configuration as per your needs.


If your diet involves frequent usage of frozen food, pick a model that gives you the largest freezer capacity in your price range.

Vegetable Storage

Almost all fridges offer a dedicated space for storing veggies. Since the size varies, go for the highest if you plan to stock up on vegetables on a weekly basis.

Number of Shelves

Within the same capacity range, the number of shelves offered may differ. Do not simply select one with more shelves because that might result in lack of space or larger vessels.


Power Consumption


The Ratings

The star ratings are typically found on the top-right corner. Higher the number of stars, lower the power consumption. Typical savings on power bills range from Rs.300 – Rs.1800 per year, when we move from 1 to 5 star models respectively.

Inverter Compressor

Inverter technology cuts your power bills down while extending the life of the compressor inside the fridge at the same time.

Premium vs Savings
Your Usage

Heavy users should consider inverter compressor based models. If you open the fridge 6-7 times a day & load it up to the gills, you’re a heavy user, my friend.

Refrigerator Capacity

As the capacity increases, power consumption will generally go up. Purchasing a higher capacity model? Pick one with an inverter compressor.

These Might Excite You
Convertible Models

Always running out of space? Some models have adjustable cooling zones, which lets you use the freezer space as a fridge.

Built-in Water Dispenser

They give you direct access to cold water without opening the fridge. But, they consume space and need a continuous supply of filtered water.

Toughened Glass Shelves

Plastic is passe. Most refrigerators above 230L capacity come with toughened glass shelves, which are more durable and can take more weight.

Cool Pack

The Cool Pack feature comes in handy during power cuts, it keeps the freezer cool for up to 12 hours without needing a power supply.


As the name suggests, the deodorizer removes odor using powerful filters and keeps the air fresh. No more foul smells when you open the fridge.

Built-in Voltage Stabiliser

Shaky voltage at your place? Pick models with built-in voltage stabilizers, which protect the compressor from high voltage fluctuations.

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